What is coworking?

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What is coworking?

I can’t count how many times I’ve had to answer this question – at work, out in the community, over the phone, through email. Up until very recently, I realized that most of the time, I was answering this question wrong. And to be totally honest, I never felt like I was doing it justice.

The truth is, there isn’t one answer. There are hundreds of answers. That’s the magic of coworking. But I promise I’m writing this blog for a purpose; to try and explain in a nutshell, what it is. Because you wouldn’t have clicked on this link if you didn’t want to know the answer, right?

Choose the situation below that best relates to you. Or better yet, read them all. Because you might see a little bit of yourself in each of them.

Have you ever worked from home? Yeah, I have too. Who doesn’t appreciate working in their pj’s from time to time? But after a while, it can get awfully unproductive. Before you know it, you find yourself walking to the fridge for no reason, having conversations with your pet, or yelling at your kids to “keep it down in there.” The biggest downside is that it actually limits your potential. Because the best ideas don’t happen in your basement, living room, or (insert your home office environment here). They happen when you’re able to share them with someone else, who can provide their unique input to make them even better. Coworking is your second office… the one that requires pants.

Have you ever held a meeting at a coffeeshop or restaurant? It might seem like fun the first few times, but after that, these environments end up being distracting, unreliable, or even unprofessional. Coworking spaces offer the same fun and energizing elements as other local hangouts, but in a business-professional setting. Bonus, we also brew the best local coffee. Coworking is a space full of people working just as hard as you.

Have you ever started a business? Congrats, you must be brave. They say true entrepreneurs will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40. And it’s true. Coworking spaces provide a home for ambitious startups that recognize the value of NOT working in isolation. Entrepreneurs who understand that it’s necessary (and to their advantage) to spend some of those “80 hours” talking to other humans, getting feedback and gaining perspective around their business. Coworking is a supportive community.

Have you ever felt “stuck” creatively? Wouldn’t it be great to have a spot to escape to that’s completely different from your everyday work environment? Now you do! Our space is filled with funky furnishings and infused with creativity down to the smallest of details. Not to mention, the people here are full of ideas. Coworking is a home for inspiration.

Do you love your work? Then I promise you’ll be in good company here. WORKUP is a community founded on the idea that everyone should be able to love the work that they do. And I’ll tell you what, that love, energy and passion is so contagious.

If you’re ready to give coworking a try, then your first day is on us. Just click here!