STARTUP STORY: Headstands Everywhere of Willmar, MN

Betsy Bonnema Stories

HeadstandsYou can’t help but feel inspired after talking to Candice Clemens, owner of Headstands Everywhere, which is so much more than a yoga studio. “I believe we are all infinitely capable, and if we have a desire, we can pursue it in its entirety. If you have something in you, you can achieve it and I want to help people get there,” Clemens says. “I’ve always had a lot of energy, but I haven’t always been happy. I haven’t always been who I am now. I think a lot of what I’ve been able to harness in making myself feel great has been through yoga.”

A recent Willmar transplant, Clemens has been with Microsoft for more than 13 years and continues to work for the technology company. It’s one reason she is able to relate so well to clients who sit at a desk during the workday. She understands what it’s like to travel for work, spending hours on airplanes and living out of a hotel. Her goal, however, is for her yoga business to be her full time job.

Enter the STARTUP Workshop series. “I learned so much and it really helped me wrap my arms around my business.” said Candice. ” I loved the collaborative atmosphere. I look forward to continuing to use the tools Betsy provided as I grow and shape my business.”

Clemens is serious about her qualifications. By December of 2016, she will have completed 500 hours of advanced yoga training. She’s also serious about getting people to do yoga wherever they will be comfortable, hence the name of her business; Headstands Everywhere. Clemens will teach a yoga class just about anywhere; in a client’s home, a business board room, a brewery, a coffee shop, on the lawn, or on a paddleboard in the middle of a lake. She even teaches classes live online, through her Cloud Studio, and allows students to turn their computer cameras on so she can give personal instruction if they are interested.

Bottom line for Clemens? “I want people to feel as good as I do.” And through Headstands Everywhere in Willmar and online, she’s off to a great start.