STARTUP STORY: Entrepreneur Brad Saeger of Willmar, MN

Betsy Bonnema Stories

bradphotoOne man, one idea, infinite possibilities. Meet Brad Saeger, business analyst and entrepreneur. “I’ve been part of the startup community in Minnesota for a while and raised capital. I’ve also started various businesses,” Saeger says. His latest endeavor involves the Internet of Things (IoT). “You can provide internet connectivity to all kinds of objects to gather data,” Saeger explains. “My goal is to help companies collect and utilize that data. I’ll work with clients to figure out what they need, what their solution should be, and how to get there quickly and affordably.”

Saeger is working with software developers and an electrical engineer to build prototypes for IoT solutions at a fraction of what they currently cost. “The first step is to prototype. The cost and timing to prototype IoT projects is usually more than it needs to be, which I believe is keeping projects from getting going. My team can cut that time and cost.”

Participating in the STARTUP Workshop Series helped Saeger work through some of the challenges of his idea. “It made me think about marketing my idea in a whole different way. It was different that most other business planning workshops, in that it focused on marketing and branding in a unique but powerful way.” In addition to Saeger, three other companies also participated in the series. “I appreciated the other people in the class and their unique perspectives,” Saeger says. “It exceeded my expectations.”

Saeger says starting a data project for any given business should be impactful, easy and fast. “I believe having a data analyst’s perspective will allow us to build better data collection and reporting tools,” he says. “Our passion is helping people turn their data into valuable information. We always love spending time with other entrepreneurs.”