STARTUP Bootcamp

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Startup Bootcamp has been described as fun, difficult, clarifying, and chaotic – all at the same time. We take a personal approach to helping your business be successful by really digging into the hard topics and details that matter to your brand, then leading you to marketing strategies that will set you apart. The experience pairs you with 2-3 other entrepreneurs or companies for 15 hours of facilitated, collaborative time at Workup, a coworking space in Willmar, Minnesota that is designed to inspire.  You’ll leave the experience with an entirely new perspective on yourself, your work and how to move forward with plans to grow your business and implement your marketing.

You’ll also leave as a member of our growing community of Startup alumni who gather regularly to provide ongoing support. The Startup experience is a game changer. Guaranteed.

  • Cost: $1,250 (scholarships available)
  • Facilitator: Betsy Bonnema, director of strategy & owner of Redstar, owner of Workup
  • Location: Workup coworking & meeting space on the MinnWest Technology Campus
  • Capacity: 3-4 companies per workshop
  • Seats: 2 per company
  • Weekday Option: 5, 3-hour sessions each morning for one week (homework between sessions)
  • Weekend Option: 5, 3-hour sessions from a Friday through a Sunday (homework between sessions)
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Homework: Get to know and first draft of map

Get to know
• Background – personal / professional
• History of idea/company
• Industry outlook
• Show & tell

Map your path – first or current year
• Problem being solved
• Unique selling proposition
• Growth milestones / strategies
• Product / service offering
• Definition of success


Homework: final map and Simon Sinek TED Talk

Map your path – first three years
• Review one year map
• Present three year map

Getting real
• Three things that define you
• Simon Sinek TED talk
• Identify your Why
• Your personal why vs. business why
• Why – How – What


Homework: Your final Why – What – How

Your Why – How – What
• Start with Why
• Your final Why-How-What

Your brand
• What is a brand
• What are brand values & a brand promise
• Company brand vs. product brand


Homework: Determine brand values and promise

Your brand
• Present your final brand values & promise

Your target audience
• Target audience profiles

Your customer experience roadmap
• What is the value
• How to approach the process


Homework: Finish customer experience roadmap

Your customer experience
• Present your roadmap
• Rate your touchpoints

Your marketing strategies
• Establish goals
• Build core strategies
• Consider possible tactics

Strategy writing finale
• Present strategy ideas

Your business & marketing model canvas



Jayme Sczublewski
Startup Coordinator