Workup is a social company started by Redstar, a creative agency that’s been doing marketing and community building in West Central Minnesota since 1990. As a social company, the Workup goal is to create a self-sustaining business model that benefits entrepreneurs and the greater community by providing collaborative workspaces, events and training opportunities.

The Mission

Fueling the

entrepreneurial ecosystem

with collaboration

The Why

We believe collaboration

can make good things great

We believe in the power of collaboration.

Collaboration can make good things great, and that goes for Ideas, projects, strategies, businesses and people. It’s the power of fresh perspective and diverse points of view.

At Workup, we bring people together to nurture collaboration in all kinds of ways – through shared workspace, gourmet coffee, training events, happy hours and workshops.

We cater to the needs of entrepreneurs, freelancers, virtual workers and businesses who are looking for an inspired space to do their best work and get connected. Often, those connections lead to collaborative efforts that might not have been possible otherwise.

Our space is completely unique.

Workup is in a renovated 1900’s cottage on the MinnWest Technology Campus in Willmar, Minnesota. It comes with a stunning view of Willmar Lake, along with a beautiful yet edgy balance of historic architecture and funky furnishings.

At Workup, there’s a space for every work style – quiet desks for focus, soft couches for relaxation, open spaces for collaboration, secluded phone booths for privacy and outdoor verandas for fresh air.

We’re a community of members.

Together, Workup members are a community of like-minded people who want more than just a cool place to work. They want to be part of something. They want to feel supported and inspired, but also have the opportunity to support and inspire others.

That’s the power of collaboration.

Creativity comes built in.

Workup was founded by and is home to Redstar, a Willmar-based creative agency with over 25 years of experience. We’re known for our collaborative client relationships and creativity, both of which fuel the Workup culture on a daily basis.


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Mike Bregel

Luke Geiger

Lindsey Donner

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