Our Favorite Things of 2017

Jayme Stories

This year, the redstar/WORKUP team grew… and so did our list of favorite things! We’re excited to share with you some of the simple things that keep us inspired, bring us joy and make life more fun. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Bombas Socks: Luke

Bombas first caught my eye on a little known TV show called Shark Tank. Maybe you’ve heard of it. But, what really got my attention is for every pair purchased they donate a pair to someone in need. To date, over 5 million pairs have been donated!

Cuticle Cream: Lindsey

I spend most of my free time at Crossfit Attila lifting heavy weights. It’s a fun hobby, but it leaves my hands looking & feeling like sandpaper. A friend gave me a not-so-subtle hint by gifting me my first tub of special cuticle cream. I like it because it lasts all day, has a nice light scent, and really does the job. Although I’ve lost all chances of becoming a hand model, it helps my hands look & feel a little more normal.

Subconscious Worlds: team choice

Our newest team member, Mike Bregel is a man of many talents. Just this month, he released his second coloring book full of unique and beautiful designs he drew from scratch. In case you haven’t heard, coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. These books are great for clearing the mind, relieving stress and potentially triggering a bit of nostalgia – who says that’s a bad thing!

Talking Waters Gift Card: Jayme

Because no good story starts with you eating a salad.

Matt Liebl, a former WU member and good friend of mine is the Assistant Brewer at Talking Waters in Montevideo. We got to know the founder, Nick Patton and his vision for TWBC when Nick & Matt went through STARTUP Bootcamp this past summer. The two of them pour an incredible amount of passion into the work they do every day at the brewery. Not to mention they know how to have fun, and make some damn good beer. Now you have no excuse to stop in and sample some!

Haribo Gummy Bears: Betsy

Do I really need to explain why these are my favorite? Just try one. Don’t buy the off brands. They will disappoint.

Kickstarter Projects: Betsy

Nomad Notebooks: I supported this project because it was created by two designers who were looking for a more inspiring tool to carry around and capture ideas. Each pocket sized notebook is unique.

Vertellis: I supported this Kickstarter game because it was designed by a group of those hippie “digital nomads” out of the Netherlands. They wanted a way to get people off technology and connecting in person again. Try using it at your next get together!

Osmia Soap: Abby

I stumbled across Osmia after many failed attempts to find products that worked for my suddenly hypersensitive skin (one of the fun perks I had while pregnant with Owen). I was initially drawn in by their customer’s rave reviews, but it was their story and branding that won me over – Beautiful imagery, products free of harsh chemicals, a handwritten note in every order, clean and simple product packaging. The marketer in me was so giddy to find a product that was branded as wonderfully as it worked. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil: Mike

Two years ago my wife and I got thrown into the world of parenting, welcoming our beloved “oops baby” into the world with a crazy & draining 17 day tour of the St. Cloud Neonatal ICU. We made it out of there with a healthy (barely 5 lb) baby but struggled the next year to keep our lives afloat. I tried many things to keep me energized & performing at max each day, but none of them came close to the impact of Brain Octane! This stuff boosted my energy, helped me to think better and simply put me in good mood each day. I blend it together in my “bulletproof” coffee in the morning, otherwise you can just drizzle it over a meal, salad or even take straight!

Tribe of Mentors: Betsy

I have become a huge Tim Ferris fan after wearing out the pages of his book “Tools of Titans” with dog ears and highlighter. Both of his recent books, including his latest “Tribe of Mentors,” are jam packed with unique, inspiring and insightful advice and information. Plus they have a business theme, which I love.

BAI Tea: Abby & Luke

This ones for the non-coffee drinkers, or maybe the “I need more caffeine, but have drank too much coffee today” folks. BAI uses coffeefruit (the superfruit around a coffee bean) to add a boost of caffeine to their drinks. They come in many different flavors and can be found just about anywhere.

Flyleaf Gift Certificate: team choice

Christmas came early this year at WORKUP! This past Fall, our coffee bar transformed into the new satellite Flyleaf Bookshop. All of the books have been curated (just to fit our WU culture) by Heather Westberg King – Flyleaf Founder. You can find a huge selection of inspiring, creative and insightful reads at ridiculously good prices – all while sipping on some complimentary Goodness coffee. How can it get any better?

Merry Christmas!
– the WU team